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If you're looking for an internet search tool or Keywords suggestion tool, you are probably looking for keywords or ways to promote a website. I'm extremely relieved that you've found my site because the results of our recent research will almost certainly save you money as well as a lot of frustration and heart ache.

Hello, my name is Bill Williams and if you're not one of our regular subscribers and haven't heard about our much publicized internet search tool and keywords tool product test, let me quickly fill you in... and then I'll reveal the conclusive proof that a unique program called IM ADvantage includes by far the most effective keyword selection tool currently on the market: Keyword Blueprint 2.0 Pro.

Keywords Tool, Internet Search Tools & Site Search Tools: Which one should you use?

It's a well known fact that you must be extremely cautious when choosing keywords for your web site or even for your blog (ever used the overture keyword tool). There are hundreds of internet search tool products on the market that claim to increase the probability of finding keywords that can be used to optimize search rankings or make keyword selections for an adwords campaign. However, we soon discovered that many of them were highly suspect and the algorithms used did not fully indicate market competition for keyword phrases, especially as it relates to Google. Analyzing the raw data is crucial when using an internet search tool and keywords selection tool. See our tutorial on Google Keyword Tool.

Internet Search Tool & Site Search tools Combined with Keywords Tools Can Be Immensely Beneficial... and Profitable.

See, as a long time internet marketer with over 10 years experience and thousands of dollars wasted on keyword bidding, internet search tools, marketing courses, and listening to the guru's, the one thing I know that all internet search tools and keywords tool software must do is provide reliable data, functionality and simplicity. This way it eliminates all the complex analysis so that even a so-called 'newbie' with little or no experience can successfully identify markets and build an online income without winding up in a constant state of fear and frustration. Do not be put off though, because the simple fact of the matter is this:

Believe me, there is plenty of opportunity and money to be legitimately made in online marketing. If you want to grab a piece of the incredible $1.5 Trillion that is earned on the internet every day (and that's not a misprint), it is now easier to find profitable keywords than it has ever been.

So if you're reading this and looking for a keywords tool for keyword bidding along with an internet search tool, or are considering starting a new highly lucrative internet marketing promotion or career (no matter what your background or education) then it'll be extremely worth your while to read further.

A decent Keywords Tool Can Be Very Expensive. Is it Worth it?

Now please keep in mind that much of the software from the "Internet guru's" will run you up to $4000... for each program. Then you get charged for "upgrade" as well. So what we did to benefit the majority of folk who want to get started with this without spending huge sums of money was to only look at ones that were much less expensive and provided a real support system.

In all, we reviewed 4 of the most popular internet marketing promotion programs that included keywords tools for internet search engines/ tool (we won't mention them here out of fairness) and the software included in each. To cut a long story short, we did find 1 effective program that delivered on its promise of simplicity, support, and more importantly...reliable data, profitability, and sincerity.

So read below to find out what we decided to be the most effective internet keyword search tool product. To make things even better, Commission Blueprint 2.0 is less than $500 and has a 60 day money back guarantee. As an added benefit... software updates are free and they have a large forum community for added support and ideas.

We also show you the data from the experiment we ran that shows the results of our test.

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I jumped into new PPC campaigns for two products I already offered and BAM, within 3-days I had found two "golden nugget" keywords that each produced more than $1,000 in sales over the next 7-days.
Jeff Smith
I've applied their concepts to a three year old "information" oriented website I own for which the traffic had peaked long ago and I'm seeing traffic increase by over 10% per month, along with my AdSense income. 




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  Commission Blueprint 2.0     Commission Blueprint 2.0





A quick overview of 3 of the 9 tools included    

We first heard about Steve and Tim when they released Niche Blueprint in January 2009. We did and unpublished evaluation on that product (we built two stores with it) and continued to remain active in the community, preparing for the release of Commission Blueprint 2.0.

The package that Steve and Tim have delivered lives up to every thing we had heard about it through the "grapevine" (marketers tend to tell each other about rumors of upcoming products). They have included all of the strategies and tactics they used to build a very prosperous web presence via affiliate marketing, CPA, information product marketing, and other ventures.

Steve Clayton
Game Changing Keywords Tools...   Steve Clayton in one of the CB 2.0 videos
As if the step by step "walk me through it and hold my hand" training approach weren't enough, the Blueprint Team has created software that are game changers. The combination of the Keyword Blueprint tool and the Offer Evaluator tool (for those of you that need accurate keyword bidding estimates) creates a proprietary advantage that we have not seen in any other Keywords Tool available on the market. But they could not stop there.  

In addition to the three tools we list here (the ones we know are game changers) there are 6 more software tools that walk beginners, intermediates, or even experienced professionals through the process.


Keywords Tool: Keyword Blueprint. Is making money really as easy as dragging your mouse?

  This proprietary Keywords Tool is robust and completely fills the most important aspect of any Keywords Tool.. accurate search, competition, and PPC analysis. Commission Blueprint 2.0 has provided a Keyword Tool that not only finds hundreds of associated words and phrases, it analyzes them with a secret algorithm and gives you accurate data. It does this for both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and for PPC (Pay Per Click) keywords. When combined with the second piece of the Keywords Tool pie, Offer Evaluator, the game officially changes forever.. in your favor.


Keyword Bidding: Offer Evaluator...Attainable CPC estimates that improve ROI.



Using the PPC function and dragging the Keywords over to the Offer Evaluator gives an idea of what you can expect to pay for keywords and create profitable adwords campaigns. Adjusting profit / commissions and you can see the potential of your project before you ever set up the first page. Commission Blueprint 2.0 also shows you step by step how to increase the effectiveness of you adwords campaigns by building better ads. Then goes further and shows you how to adjust your Keyword bidding.



PPC Ad Tracking And Bidding Adjustment: HippoJaw.Point and click cost analysis and Ad performance rates.



HippoJaw is another tool offered in the Commission Blueprint 2.0 package: A natural fit that complements the keywords tool and offer evaluator. The sheer volume of functionality of this tool is immense, but don't worry, CB 2.0 has plenty of training videos that will walk you through how to use it.

Hippojaw will help to build ad variations, analyze costs, click throughs, response, keyword bidding, and entire campaigns with variations on adwords ads... and the list goes on and on.

    When we first conducted our test, this Keywords Tool and Keywords bidding analysis software was only available to purchasers of Commission Blueprint 2.0. We never dreamed that there would be a way for our readers to test drive this software. There has been a major development...Steve & Tim have stepped forward with a big offer.  
Until midnight, Gold-Keywords.com readers can get access to "The Internet Marketing Advantage" for $1... yep... ONE DOLLAR!.
View Demo
View Demo      
  Our Experiment: A Real website gets a boost

We put the Keywords tool, the Offer Evaluator, and the various software and training manuals from Commission Blueprint 2.0 to a real world test.

Commission Blueprint 2.0 is geared towards affiliate marketing, BUT we realized that the concepts and strategies could easily be applied to ecommerce sites or even blogs.

Our experiment used an existing camping equipment website that had a low search ranking and was less than one year old. We selected this ecommerce site because new sites are not easy to rank in competitive markets (outdoor equipment is extremely competitive), and therefore the daily traffic would give us an indication of effectiveness.

  keywords tool test  

Now before we get hundreds of emails from readers saying we did not attain "hundreds of clicks per day", that was kind of the point. We chose a site that got little or no organic visits from Google, so we could test the effectiveness of the entire CB2.0 program and not have results clouded by regular visitors.

This graph shows daily traffic for our test site. You can see that prior to our test, daily visits to the site were very low. The highest was on September 8 and was only seven. We used Keyword Blueprint to find phrases for SEO. (Note for beginners: Commission Blueprint 2.0 course layout exactly how to choose your phrases, layout your site, and how to write ads (for PPC) that convert to sales if you go that route.

We began our test on 09/21/09 and implemented the keyword suggestions for additional markets that had little competition (as shown to us with Keyword Blueprint). We set up our landing pages for the new phrases (as prescribed in Commission Blueprint 2.0) and waited for Google to index them.

Google indexed our site on 09/27/09 an we immediately jumped to the second page of search results. The site continues to climb a little each week. Please note: A 65 position jump in search ranking is HUGE and may or may not be the same results you get. But make sure you follow the plan in Keyword Blueprint. There are many variables and techniques.

keyword tool test
The Conclusion...

Now we realize that some of the jargon we've been using on this page may have confused some of you slightly. However, you really don't need to worry about this because everything is explained for you.

Keywords Tools combined with Internet Search Tools can be hugely profitable and it can be done by literally anyone from home. In fact, it is a VERY good area to be in and is not affected in anyway by global financial turmoil.

So where do you start?

Well, the system that Steve and Tim have laid out for the world should take you quickly to success. Do not misunderstand... you STILL have to do the actual work. Similar products of this type sell for up to 5 times what the software tools alone would cost. The best part about it is what it is NOT... it is not a cookie cutter course that tells you to copy their sites.

What it DOES do is:

  • Show you how to identify markets where people are already looking for products
  • Give you the tools to find products that fit those needs
  • Teach you how to build profitable websites.
  • Teach you how to create a Google adwords campaign and optimize it so your keyword bidding cost per click is lower than what competitors are paying.
  • Teach you how to properly analyze your results.
  • Teach you how to build your presence the right way (this is extremely important) and adjust your efforts to maximize your results but reduce your work time.
  • Provide the support system to help you succeed.
  • Gives you a new way to build your web assets that dispels a long held believe among webmasters and builds on your Google Page Rank and maintain it.
  • Gives you a 60 money back guarantee.

Founders Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey and the Blueprint Team have developed the most complete Internet marketing course we have ever experienced. We have even spoken to them in their support forums as "forums users"' of course (they actively participate, answer questions, and even offer ideas). They are sincere and truly care about teaching others how to be successful, think outside the box, and provide ongoing support.

Important note: Commission Blueprint 2.0 also includes a unique strategy for building links that completely dispels a common belief about buying aged domains for internet search tools. They spent over a year testing over 200 domains to put their theory in action...and it holds up.

Commission Blueprint 2.0 can guide you to additional income apart from a day job, or a full time internet business for the more experienced professionals. From my years of experience, I can assure you this is the most complete course available for you and your best option. If you just want to just test out the Keyword Blueprint and offer Evaluator tools start out with the 7 Day Trial. Good luck to you. Bill Williams

SeeThe Get IMA for $1 Here

See The Commission Blueprint 2.0 full Package Here

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