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An Internet search tool or search engine is quite simply a computer network that indexes as many websites as possible so that when a user types in a search term (what they are looking for) the search tool can give them a list of sites that the search engine believes are relevant to that search. The search engine tool ranks that list in their order of importance, according to that internet search tool.

When the internet was still new, search tools were created and designed as time savers. People needed site search tools that would give them a list of sites based on a term that they searched for. Can you imagine how hard it would be to find information if you had to search the internet site by site? You would never finish. Hence the development of the internet search tool.

Search engines have evolved through the years and are much more than just your basic search tool. They have become huge business and generate revenue from advertising and keyword bidding. Why do you think they want you to install those internet search toolbar? you'll use their engine and click on some advertisements.

Understandably each search tool has its own way of ranking pages on a web site. They do this by using a mathematical formula called an algorithm and each one is different on each search tool. It is almost like the secret spices used to make a recipe: a little of this and a little of that, But this algorithm is SO important to the internet search tool that they have entire teams of mathematicians and programmers constantly honing the algorithm to make the search listings more relevant to the user. However, it is important to remember that these search indexes are not stored on one central computer. They are stored on large networks of computers called Datacenters. The Datacenters each scour the internet for sites to index and re-index. No one Datacenter holds all of the information and they update each other on their most recent indexing of sites. This is why a website moves up and down in search ranking for particular terms.

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Why it is Crucial to Rank Well in Search Engines.

The importance of ranking well in for a particular search term can not be understated. If your website or blog is going to get ANY organic traffic, it had better rank in a least the top 10 of search results. The reason for this is simple. The number of visits to your website is directly proportional to your search engine rank position, called "SERP".

Visits to each site in the top ten breaks down as follows:

% of Clicks

The top position gets 42% of the clicks for that search term. If you have a website or blog that you wish to make money with (and there are Trillions of dollars made everyday) you can see the importance of ranking well for a term that is searched frequently, preferably at least 1000 times a day, but 500 will work as well.

There are really only three major internet search tools or engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing (formerly MSN). For simplicity, you should concentrate on your Google SERP because of their shear domination of the market.

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Google: The 300 Lb Gorilla That You Have to Play With...

It is no surprise that that Google is the most popular Internet search tool. They currently hold around 70% of the internet search volume The name is actually a mathematical term that defines a very large number... a "google". The original idea was that Google will index every single page on every internet site. Obviously, that is a very large number, hence the name, Google.

Again, the importance of ranking well in Google for a popular search term can not be understated. If your website or blog is going to get ANY organic traffic, it had better rank in a least the top 10 of Google search results. Additionally, it does you no good to rank for a keyword term that no one really searches. You need to us a Keywords Tool to find popular keywords and phrases that relate the subject of your site. These are called "Niches". The niche you are in and how well you compete ultimately determines the success of your site.

You'll find out more about the Keyword Search tool and bidding in our next page.

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